By Rod Dav4is
Sunday, March 26, 2006
What Happened to Peaches?

(And I don't mean the transvestite of that name who used to cruise the streets of Poughkeepsie!)

Peaches used to be really juicy when ripe. Nowadays they seem decidedly pithy. They may look — and smell — perfect, but are a big disappointment inside. And they have a tendency to rot invisibly from the inside out.

I'll bet that this is a result of growers producing varieties that ship well, consumer be damned. Form wins over function again.

Cartoon Network

Last night I watched the animated feature, Princess Mononoke. Mononoke is a beautiful and well-crafted film, but I was surprised to see such adult fare on Cartoon Network, a children's venue. Adult situations, some strong language, and a village (Iron Town) populated by brothel escapees and lepers put the film squarely in the adult category. Not to mention the beheadings and other intense imagery! It is most certainly not for children under the age of, say, 10 years.

OK, it was preceded by a parental discretion warning for violence, but...

... that was not the most disturbing thing

It was the unrelenting violence of the advertising! Are there no kid's toys that don't involve monsters, hunter-killer robots or super weaponry?

Is this what kids really want to see? Or have they been brainwashed by the advertising to believe that is what they want? Kids are very, very vulnerable to suggestion, as Madison Avenue well knows: Be the first kid on your block to rule the world!

In fairness, there was one advertised toy that seemed quite reasonable. It was something that probably does a good job of teaching kids how to play guitar — by turning it into a clever video game!

In short: I was appalled by the Cartoon Network advertising.

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