By Rod Dav4is
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
The problem of literal interpretations

These states which have passed laws outlawing so-called same sex marriages make me laugh -- as if male and female were that well defined! All sorts of variations exist: hermaphrodites, for example.

hermaphrodite - one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs; at birth an unambiguous assignment of male or female cannot be made.

What are these poor souls supposed to do? And don't try to tell me that we'll sort it out based on their chromosomes. There are lots of ambiguous combinations there, too: Normal are XX and XY, but what about XXY, or YY, or just X?

I suppose that we could just take them outside the city gates and stone them. After all, if it's not in the Bible it's an abomination, right?

God knows everything, but He missed out a few important things, like hermaphrodites, when He dictated the books of the Bible. He finished all of creation in six days; He tells up so in Genesis. OK, maybe He meant six arbitrary periods of time. But why did He not tell us about such things as:

  1. The Earth is round like a ball. It rotates on its axis and also around the sun with a number of companion worlds, such as Mars.
  2. The universe is vast beyond comprehension. The stars are distant objects like our sun.
  3. Matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules, and these are made up of tinier particles, called atoms, which are made up of yet tinier...
  4. E=mc2
  5. Most diseases are caused by tiny living things called germs. It is possible to immunize people against many diseases.
  6. Lightning is a gigantic spark, like what you can draw from your finger after walking across a carpeted room. This is electricity, a sort of invisible fluid which can be made to flow through solid metal wires, and will one day transform mankind.
  7. Man will one day walk upon the moon.

Did He just forget about these important things, or did He leave them out on purpose? He could have saved mankind a lot of trouble, for example, if He had just told us about disease. Maybe there are other things He forgot to mention, like:

  1. The universe is unimaginably old, and the Earth itself is several billions of years old.
  2. There were previous populations of creatures who walked the Earth which no longer exist. Their imprints are captured in stone which was laid down millions of years ago.
  3. Species are not immutable.

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